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You’re a small business and you want a clean, well-designed site that’s easy to use and looks just as professional as the services you provide. But you’re just starting out and don’t have the budget for a full-on custom design process. And you want to launch like yesterday?

We’ve heard you and we’ve got you. Meet the Creative Collective, our one-of-a-kind collection of hand-crafted, budget-conscious design solutions for small businesses who want to look their best online. Completely customizable, user-friendly, and did we mention you can launch within a week?



  • Website Design Kit Installation + Customization

  • Squarespace Basics Training - 7 Modules with Video Tutorials & Workbooks

  • All Custom Website Graphics in Canva (a free and easy to use online graphics program) should you ever need to edit them in the future

  • Website and Content Planning Workbook

  • Website Launch Checklist

  • Customizable Social Media Graphics to promote your launch!


In addition, all customers receive future design kit and Training updates for the life of their purchase.





During your purchase, you’ll select your chosen design kit, your desired design week and enter your brand colors, fonts, logos and any special requests you may have. We’ll follow up with any questions and and work with you during your design week to install and customize the design kit you’ve purchased to fit your brand aesthetic.

If you’ve provided images and written content in advance or have purchased our content writing and/or stock photography add-ons, we will customize these elements of your website design as well. Otherwise your design kit will include placeholder text and photos that you can easily replace with your own after your site is transferred.

Once your design is complete, you are ready to launch and show off your new corner of the Internet to your clients and customers!

Note: Existing Squarespace users will need to send us administrative access to be able to install our themes. You’ll need a Squarespace Business Plan, we cannot install our themes on existing Personal Plans.

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+ What Platform are the design kits for?

Currently our design kits are exclusively on Squarespace, however we may launch Wordpress, Show It or Shopify options in the future. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date on new products in the shop! Want to see a specific type? Send us an email at

+ Why Squarespace?

We believe Squarespace is one of the best website platforms for businesses just getting started or who just need a website without all the excess. It's easy to use, requires no ongoing maintenance and is continuously on the cutting-edge of technogologies.

+ Is Squarespace SEO friendly?

Absolutely! You can add image tags, page descriptions, site descriptions, connect to Google Search Console and so much more. We've got plans to launch a Squarespace SEO Workbook, so be on the lookout for that soon.

+ How much is Squarespace?

Annual Plans range from $144 - $480 per year, depending upon your needs, or you have the option for a monthly plan. You can view the [pricing and plans here][1]. We recommend the Business Plan, unless you intend on running a medium to large e-commerce shop. Note: all new Squarespace users will get a 20% discount on their plan as well as an extended 6-month trial period when purchasing a design kit from the Creative Collective shop! (unfortunately existing Squarespace plans are not eligible)

+ What programs will I need to customize my website graphics?

You will need to sign up for a FREE Canva account, an easy-to-use online graphics editing software.

+ If I purchase the Design Kit, will I be able to customize it and make edits after we launch? How difficult is it?

If you can use a program like Microsoft Word or Powerpoint, then you can definitely customize our themes and use Squarespace with ease. Your purchase comes with an online training portal, complete with step-by-step video tutorials and modules walking you through step-by-step how to make customizations, as well as all of the ins-and-outs of your new Squarespace site. However if you don't feel comfortable managing your site in the future, we offer monthly website maintenance plans.

+ Are there other costs are associated with my website?

You'll need to sign up for your Squarespace plan and purchase your domain name (typically $10-$15 per year). Each Squarespace plan comes with a free domain for a year. There are no additional hosting fees or other ongoing fees to deal with.

+ Do you input the content?

If you have provided your content in advance of your design week in the format required, we will input your content. Otherwise, we include placeholder text and images for our design kit installations. Each kit comes with simple instructions on how to replace these with your own personalized content. We also offer a professional content writing add-on if you just can't come up with the right words for your site.

+ What if I need extra pages on my site? An e-commerce shop?

You have the option to add-on additional features to your site in our shop, or you can use our video tutorials to duplicate your theme page designs or add e-commerce.

+ If I purchase the design kit and have trouble with it, do you provide support?

We have a private Facebook group available to our customers and clients to provide feedback and support, however we do not provide personalized support or help with future customizations for design kit purchases unless you have purchased a monthly maintenance plan.

+ Can I get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of our themes and products, we cannot offer refunds.

+ Can I edit my design kit? Is there any coding involved?

Yes, you can easily edit and customize your design kit (usually in less than an hour!), the colors, fonts, text, photos, graphics, etc. without any knowledge of code. We have purposefully left the hefty development hidden so that you never need to worry about it!



Contact us below with the details and we'll provide a custom quote.